Elevate Yourself

Elevate Yourself

Enhance your Business

Enhance your Business

I’d love to introduce my unique approach to transforming lives. My coaching style is a conversation filled with warmth & empathy.

Healing Unfolds Hand In Hand With Growth

Embark on a journey of holistic and spiritual exploration with me, where each session becomes a transformative step, where you would:

• Heal - By identifying & overcoming limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

• Grow - By tapping into your full potential & experience limitless growth in the process.

• Evolve - Into an emotionally intelligent person with the ability to handle every situation confidently.

Dive deep in my Journey..

Once devoid of motivation and facing life's challenges, my own transformative journey led me to pursue a passion for helping others. Beginning with training in Student Counselling and Positive Psychology, I expanded to become a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner. As a spiritual person, I integrated Spiritual Therapy, delving into Relationship Therapy and Coaching. Certified in Emotional Resilience and Anxiety Rebalance coaching, I am also an ICF certified Positive Psychology Life Coach, driven to share lessons for your self-improvement journey.

Pursuing my passion brought daily gratitude and remarkable health improvement, surprising even doctors. My husband's support, witnessing my progress, inspired him to pursue his dreams. The positive impact on my mental and physical well-being allowed me to better support him and encouraged him in turn. Seeing my loved ones benefit from my journey affirmed I was on the right path, bringing immense joy. Life experiences enable me to connect with clients in a truly helpful way, instilling confidence and a drive to assist those undergoing similar struggles.

Childhood experiences often shape our issues, with negative events impacting deeply when the mind is like a sponge. Personally, a traumatic childhood incident profoundly affected my mental health, leading to physical manifestations like seizures every 3-4 years. Unable to articulate my problems to my parents, I sought solace in confiding in others outside my family. This desire to connect and help others sparked a passion, despite my lack of knowledge at the time. Constant seizures led to heavy medication and, as a side effect, worsened health, resulting in osteoporosis.

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Business founders who are at some level with their business. Business founders who are at some level with their business.


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Business founders who are at some level with their business. Business founders who are at some level with their business.


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Business founders who are at some level with their business. Business founders who are at some level with their business.

I'm Roshni

And I'm So Glad You're Here!❤️

When I’m not engrossed in work for my clients, hunched over the keyboard attacking the keys with fervor, you’ll likely find me appreciating timeless classic tunes, delving into literature, engaging in a playful session with my son or isolating myself to engage in deep contemplation, where I aim to craft a narrative from my thoughts. Having dutifully served in varying roles for over half a decade where a juggling act was often the norm.

A fully packed schedule keeping me constantly nimble, client meetings and ever increasing team requirements, a calendar that dictated my breaks and dictated my leisure; that's when I realized the need to strengthen my boundaries. Achieving work-life balance, for me, means forging a purposeful workforce in harmony with the lifestyle I’ve chosen.


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