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Have you reached a point in your business journey, where you are working every hour of the day,
with the wheels spinning frantically,

But feel like you're not making progress towards your goals?

When you first started your business, you were filled with passion and ambition. Now, however, it has all turned into feeling overwhelmed and struggling to gain traction and focus.

Running a successful business comes with a million and one administrative tasks that can consume your entire day, leaving you with little time to focus on your company's core purpose. You might have to-do lists scattered everywhere, believe that it's easier to do everything yourself rather than delegating to your team, and constantly worry that things are slipping through the cracks.

You may be starting to fear that going back to a corporate job would actually give you more freedom and flexibility in your life than working for yourself. You may also be terrified that if you step away from your business for even a minute, it will all come crashing down without you.

We help small businesses grow sustainably &
with ease by strategically structuring and streamlining their operations and teams.

Through a blend of consultancy and implementation services, we design operational structures that organize your business and reduce the time & headspace needed to execute day-to-day tasks.

At Team RS, we find it incredibly rewarding to help our clients restructure their business operations. It brings us great joy to see the positive impact our services have on their efficiency, revenue, and profit margins. We are passionate about operations and creating environments that enable people to perform at their best. We take pride in serving business owners who struggle with operational challenges, as well as those who desire more support with their teams.

It’s time to break that cycle & claim back your business…
& your life


Create processes that are highly efficient and simple to execute, while maintaining a consistently high standard.

Create operational structures that facilitate the formation of happy, high-performing, and autonomous teams.

Use technology to facilitate the delivery of processes in a simple and cost-efficient manner.


→ Reducing the amount of time it takes to execute processes.

→ Reduced operating and team costs.

→ Improved team retention and engagement rates.

→ Elevated client experience.

→ Business owners who can operate from a place of ease, rather than chaos.


→ Personal brands, Solopreneurs, Business Owners

→ We support, service based and certain feel good product-based businesses

→ Businesses that are struggling to generate the desired ROI from their teams

→ Overworked business owners!

→ Businesses that have grown quickly but their operational structure has not kept up

Providing a high-touch client experience
is incredibly important to us,

And so we also have an industry leading Client Success Programme.

Designed to ensure that you have the tools & knowledge to fully leverage your streamlined operations long after our time together has come to a close, all our 1:1 clients have complimentary access.

What people say about me

  • As a Leadership Coach, I often find it difficult to manage everything seamlessly and keep things easy for myself. That's exactly where Roshni stepped in and has taken everything off my shoulder.

    Aakanksha Sadekar

  • And I loved how she was able to listen to me, hear what was important to me, and find ways to help me practically and realistically design a program that gets real results without compromising my boundaries and without compromising what they came to get.

    Danielle Fetherson

  • I've been working with Roshni for the last two months on multiple projects. One quality that has stood out in her is her dedication to delivering quality work with patience.

    Divya Shah

  • Roshni and I have collaborated on numerous projects. She is an excellent professional who follows through on her demands.

    Aman Sanni

  • Roshni and I have collaborated on numerous projects. She is an excellent professional who follows through on her demands.

    Aman Sanni

  • She helped me strategically plan my launch, helped me with the sales plan, and also wrote emails for the launch.

    Anagha Bhat

  • She tried to understand my goals and then broke them down into actionable steps to help me head to where I want to be.

    Jarriel Campbell

  • Roshni, is kind, patient, and has a vast knowledge of the options available in the market for adding systems and processes to your small business.

    Ashlesha Nayak

Ready to gain that freedom you envisaged when you first became an entrepreneur?

You’re doing too much in your business. It’s time to pull back and actually experience the space and peace that thoughtfully designed processes and simple softwares and automations can give you.

Yep, I said that you get to do LESS. It’ll be great.

We show up to take that weight of responsibility you’ve been carrying on your shoulders and help you create a business that can actually function and generate revenue without your constant presence.

What we don’t do is tell you how to run your business. You already know how to do that. We collaborate with you to provide alternative solutions in our area of expertise, operations and team management, to help you reach your business goals.

We are SO passionate in what we do, we KNOW the incredible transformation our services provide and we can’t wait for you to see it too.

We are all about making this as accessible as possible for you, so payment plans and payment in USD options are also available for all package options.

Transform your Business into a Profit-generating Machine (Even when you're on your Vacation)

You're on a beach of canary Island, sipping your favorite drink with closed eyes listening to the peaceful sound of waves…

While your business effortlessly continues to generate hot leads, closing big deals, and building your business empire.

This can be a reality when you have a business partner who's more than just an OSP to take care of all the essential tasks that keeps your business running smoothly…

Meet your Business Partner

Hey Partner, I'm Roshni,
The Business Manager & Mentor.

I don't just focus on short-term term gains. I'm here to help you build a sustainable 6-figure business foundation that leads to long-term success and high profits. I believe in the power of sustainable growth, where your business continues to thrive even when you're on a well-deserved holiday…

But my commitment to your success doesn't stop there. I'm constantly staying ahead of the game, keeping up with the latest industry trends and strategies. And bringing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the table, ensuring that your business always stays one step ahead of the competition.

Here's what you can expect when you choose this -
3 Month Business Systemization Partnership:

1. Time Freedom:

Say goodbye to the overwhelm of running your business. I take care of the day-to-day operations, giving you the freedom to focus on what you love.

2. Sustainable Growth:

Together, we build a solid foundation that paves the way for consistent growth and high profits, even when you're not actively working.

3. Expert Guidance:

As your dedicated Online Business Manager, I provide you with strategic guidance and support every step of the way. You'll have a trusted partner who understands your vision and helps you turn it into reality.

4. Streamlined Systems:

I optimise your business systems, eliminating bottlenecks and inefficiencies. You'll experience increased productivity, reduced stress, and improved results.

5. Proactive Problem Solving:

I anticipate challenges before they arise and provide proactive solutions. Your business will run smoothly, with minimal disruptions and maximum success.

But don't just take my word for it.
Here's what some of my clients have to say:

"She helped me strategically plan my launch, helped me with the sales plan, and also wrote emails for the launch."

Anagha Bhat

"She tried to understand my goals & then broke them down into actionable steps to help me head to where I want to be."

Jarriel Campbell

"Roshni, is kind, patient, & has a vast knowledge of the options available in the market for adding systems & processes to your small business."

Ashlesha Nayak

Onboarding Process :

Discovery Call With The Client- Understanding their needs, then I will discuss with my team and come back. Roshni will come back and then we can move on to onboarding process.

2 nd Call= we will introduce the team, their responsibilities and what all is needed to deliver the best work possible.

Sign the Contract, Invoice etc. Send a Questionnaire and take everything from them in one go, understand their brand better.

Client Onboarded!


What's included in this Partnership?:

A new client questionnaire to complete which gives me insight into what you would love to focus on during our time together

An intensive kick-off Call: 120-minutes of uninterrupted time with your business partner. This is one time call while our onboarding.

A full Business Audit of your current systems, strategy and team. At Least 3-4 days for this

Let's build your unbreakable business foundation


A Gap Analysis Report capturing our discussion and audit findings

Recordings of our Zoom Call

A customised 90-day action plan delivered to you 10 days following our session

You'll never again struggle to lead your Business in a high profit path


To make profits on Autopilot

Documentation of Standard Operating Procedures and systems to ensure consistent and efficiency within team

Technology assessment and implementation of what is required to support your business processes effectively


To make sure YOU WIN

Weekly Progress Review calls, Team Calls and a Long Call at the end of every month for the period of 3 months.

120-minutes Tech System training session( if applicable)

90 business days of Slack / Whatsapp support following the delivery of your action plan

90 business days of tech system support

Partnership wrap up call to discuss completion of the 90-day deliverables and next steps.

Are you ready to take your online business to new heights?

Let's embark on this transformational journey together. Say goodbye to overwhelm and a big hello to a thriving, sustainable business that generates high profits year-round.

Our Signature Approach

This isn’t a step-by-step framework. Whatever phase you’re at, we’ll provide unique solutions tailored to your business needs.


During the onboarding call, we’ll get to the heart of your goals and overarching business vision. We take time and care to get to know you individually and what makes you tick. We work in 90-day cycles, and after our initial onboarding call, we’ll put together a custom implementation plan.


We don’t jump into your business and start changing things straight away. We observe, audit, and analyse what’s working and what isn’t.


From setting up monthly metrics to performing a gap analysis, we comb through your operations to identify areas for improvement.


Inspired by Scrum, we operate in two-week sprints. We’ll plug the gaps we’ve identified and build your business operations accordingly by either managing your team or using our in-house team of experts, as well as support you with your growth ambitions (e.g. launches and scaling).


You can rest assured that we’ll manage everything from conception to completion. We’re experienced in building high-performance teams and can manage your existing team or help you create a dream team of A-players. You lead; we’ll manage.


You’ll benefit from the support and guidance of our seven-strong team of highly qualified specialists. From strategic data analysts to big-picture strategists, we’re on hand to provide holistic online business management.


Growing a business requires you to shift your mindset and responsibilities. That’s why we mentor you on how to step into the leadership role. From developing your team to critically evaluating business decisions, we’ll guide you on the critical principles of exceptional leadership.

What you get

1:1 ACCESS TO Roshni
Your business manager & strategist
High-level strategy, implementation, & management

Here’s what that entails:

Strategy -

  • OFFER DEVELOPMENT - Fleshing out your idea and bringing it to life)

  • QUARTERLY GAP ANALYSIS - To see where money is left on the table

  • STRATEGISING & MONITORING - Think of us as your sounding board

  • COMMUNICATION EFFICIENC - Your role is to minimise communication breakdowns and filter out unnecessary voices, allowing the CEO to focus on essential matters

  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING AND WORKFLOW - To make sure the client experience matches your high-level expertise

  • ELITE RIGHT-HAND PARTNER - Having a trusted partner with a top-down perspective, who shares your aerial view of the business, is invaluable for brainstorming and refining strategic plans

Implementation -

  • BUILDING or OPTIMISING project management and CRM Tools




  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TASKS, e.g. website updates

Management -

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT, from managing a rebrand to planning your vision board goals

  • BUILDING & MANAGING high-performance teams

  • RECRUITING & VETTING THE BEST TALENT, your evenings are for relaxing, not sifting through a pile of CVs

  • MONITORING METRICS & ANALYSIS - let’s look at the bigger picture and figure out what budget you have for growth

  • MONTHLY PROFIT & LOSS & CASHFLOW ANALYSIS so you can get clear on where your hard-earned money is going

  • CREATING & MAINTAINING STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES so new recruits can dive straight in, even if you’re not there


How it works


We’ll start our time together by analysing what’s going on in your business.

We’ll lift the lid on your finances, systems, and current strategies (yes, we’ll even dive into that chaotic filing system in your Google Drive. No judgement here).


Next, we’ll explore your overall vision for the business.

Do you want to reach a new income goal or diversify your product suite? We can explore new ideas for the business, identify where money is being left on the table, and pinpoint any time leaks.


Break the vision into bitesize chunks and create an actionable plan.

This could be managing project timelines or setting up a complete onboarding and offboarding experience to provide your clients with a premium experience. Whatever the goal is, we’ll map out every step.


You’ll receive a fully customised action plan, which means we’re both clear on what to do.

Once agreed upon, our team will implement it. We’ll run your business like a well-oiled machine, so you can return to doing what you do best. No more distractions or constantly feeling like you’ve forgotten something; we’ll implement systemised tools, workflows, and automations to keep everything running smoothly – even when you’re not there.


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